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Just an average backstage warmup. @margerossi @kevinjamesdoyle #how2banewyorker #h2bany

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Farewell, Margaret!

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Professionalism, Laughter, Mediocre Bathrooms

Margaret and Kevin read reviews in celebration of reaching their two-year mark Off-Broadway! 

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Tip for the day inspired by @kevinjamesdoyle: if you are going to be out in the hot New York sun, wear sunscreen. #ouch #nyc #how2banewyorker #h2bany

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Backstage djing by @kevinjamesdoyle, featuring @margerossi on the mic. #how2banewyorker #h2bany #nyc #backstage

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You’re not a New Yorker if you don’t attend outdoor benefit concerts! Check out this picture of The National that @kevinjamesdoyle took at Celebrate Brooklyn! #celebratebrooklyn #thenational #brooklyn #how2banewyorker #newyorkcity #nyc

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"How 2 B A New Yorker" with the Tony's Insider

With the Tony Awards coming up this weekend, it is the perfect time to rewatch our Tony’s video from last year!

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Say hello to our new home, Planet Hollywood! We couldn’t be more excited for our move! Performances start September 20 (at Planet Hollywood)

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#tbt to the time everyone was wearing floral for the show! #2BANewYorker (at Sofia’s Downstairs Theatre)

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